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Parent School Partnership

All Saint Rose Catholic School parents are automatically part of the school’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  PTO is an organization supporting the needs of our principal, teachers, office staff and faculty as well as the needs of school parents and families while enriching our school community.

PTO’s primary function is to promote communication between parents and school staff, sponsor events, organize and facilitate fundraisers and to support the school in its educational development.  PTO helps parents get involved in their children’s education and play an active role in creating a healthy, faithful, and academically stimulating environment for their children.  PTO is the primary facilitator of volunteer opportunities at our school.  Collectively our parents have a wide range of skills, talents, and services which can be generously brought to bear in support Saint Rose Catholic School and build and enhance our school community.  Through the help and generosity of parent volunteers, Saint Rose Catholic School is able to enrich its educational experience while keeping school operating costs down.  All parents are encouraged to get meaningfully involved in PTO and to attend the monthly PTO meetings.  The Minutes of the PTO General meetings are available for review in the school office.

The 2021 – 2022 PTO Board :


Irene Huggins, President                                       
Jennifer Roden, Vice-President 
Nathalie Wallis, Treasurer
Christine Andros, Asst. Treasurer
Shaylee Santoro, Secretary                              
Michelle Machado, PTO Class Liaison

Preschool Class Rep - Christina Borchard

Kindergarten Class Rep - Heidi Sinkovich

1st Grade Class Rep - Christina Andros

2nd Grade Class Rep - Katie Prescott

3rd Grade Class Rep - Rachel Ratekin

4th Grade Class Rep - Katie Dunbar

5th Grade Class Rep - Amy Boggs

6th Grade Class Rep - Irene Huggins (Interim)

7th Grade Class Rep - Jennifer Roden

8th Grade Class Rep - Sarah Glunz





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