Preschool Program

Saint Rose Catholic Preschool is a nonprofit, State Licensed program for children ages three to Kindergarten under the direction of Mrs. Lori Chamberlain. Preschool gives every child an opportunity to begin to spread their wings from their families in a safe, faith-filled, developmentally age-appropriate environment. Each child and parent is a unique individual to be treated with respect, dignity, and genuine loving care. Preschool is the beginning in building your child’s relationship with school.  It is vital to start children off with a positive, fun, experience.

Parents are the primary educators in your children’s lives. We work together with you to provide a strong foundation for your child's whole educational experience. It is essential that children feel safe and enjoy school.  There are four main areas of development children need in order to become well rounded and strong individuals. Children need to be personally and socially competent, effective learners, have physical and motor competence, and practice safe and healthy behaviors. A fifth area of importance that we focus on is spiritual growth and development.

Preschool Hours
Half Day:  7:30am – 12:30pm (Your child may attend any or all of these available hours)
Full Day:  7:30am – 5:30pm (Your child may attend any or all of these available hours)