Enrichment Curriculum

Fine Arts

At Saint Rose Catholic School, we are committed to educating the whole child, and as such place a high value on the arts. Our Art program spans all grades, and is led by an experienced Art instructor. The curriculum includes a broad range of media, from acrylics to clay and mixed-media. Lessons integrate the history of media, art movements, and specific artists into the activities themselves.


We believe that, like Fine Arts, Music education and exploration are an important element in a child's education. At Saint Rose Catholic School, kindergarten through third grade students play the Recorder, learning the fundamentals of music structure, rhythm, notes, and fingering. Beginning in fourth grade, students may participate in the Saint Rose Catholic School Band, playing the instrument of their choice, and developing more advanced skills and knowledge in reading music, as well as music theory and composition. Our Saint Rose Catholic School Band participates in several competitions at the state level, at which they have received numerous top honors.


As educators, we recognize that our children are growing up in an era in which technology is second-nature at a very early age. We are committed to supporting student development in understanding and safely using computer technologies. We have a mobile Chromebook lab in which students learn the basics about computers, safe internet procedures, and common software. Older students are taught how to use internet resources and more advanced software to complete work assignments.

But our technology is not limited to a mobile lab. Our classrooms are equipped with interactive Smart Boards and iPads to enhance teacher instruction and student participation. Teachers enthusiastically bring technology into the classroom as needed to support all areas of curriculum.